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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

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  • 15/10/20

    Bradford Council Guidance for parents on covid isolation

    Don't forget for all latest news see PARENTS section - LATEST NEWS. - Covid Isolation - Please see the links below for Bradford Council's guidance on when a child should isolate from school due to Covid. Reminder of drop off and pick up times are also belo...
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  • 08/10/20

    New - ClassDoJo Educational Tool

    Class Dojo - New Educational Tool
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  • 19/10/20

    Reminder of Drop Off and PickUp Times

    Here is a reminder of: Morning Drop Off Times: Y6: 08:30am Y5: 8:40am Y4: 8.50am Y3: 9:00am Y2: 8:30am Y1: 8:40am EYFS: 8:50am   Afternoon Pickup Times: EYFS: 3:00pm Y1: 3:15pm Y2: 3:30pm Y3: 3:00pm Y4: 3:10pm Y5: 3:20pm Y6: 3:30pm Older sib...
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  • 17/07/20

    School Staff Handprint Painting & EYFS Poem

    School Staff Handprint Painting & EYFS Poem
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  • 13/07/20

    SEE RESULTS - Virtual Sports Day - 7th July 2020

    Don't forget Home Learning on top navigation bar - Also Virtual Sports Day Event
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  • 29/06/20

    Home Learning on top navigation bar - art & Music section added

    Home Learning now available on top navigation bar - Art, Music  & Computing topics also added.  Please see each year group for Computing ideas.
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  • 04/06/20

    BBC Ten Pieces music activity

    This week's BBC Ten Music Pieces activity.
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  • 19/05/20

    OnlineSafetyAtHome - Home Activity Packs

    Online Safety At Home, help support parents and carers.
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  • 28/04/20

    Phonics with Mrs Bigger

    Mrs Bigger’s Phonics Here is a link to Mrs Bigger’s daily phonics/spelling lessons on YouTube. These lessons date back to the end of March so you can work through them week by week. Lessons can also be adapted if needed! Children can send her the work they have done on her link so tha...
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  • 11/02/20

    TikTok App - Parents/Carers - Do You Know?

    TikTok App - What parents/carers need to know -
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