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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Art, Craft & Design

At Idle C.E. (A) Primary School, we give our pupils the opportunity to explore and create art using a wide range of interesting media; we are lucky to have dedicated art spaces within our school for them to get creative and messy in. Due to the cross curricular nature of our teaching, art lessons often link to, and extend the topic work done within classes, or can be linked to a theme (such as autumn or spring) or a particular artist.                                                           

Art, craft and design education is given specific learning time and our pupils are taught in small classes by specialist teachers. Our aims for this subject include allowing pupils to produce creative work, explore their own ideas, become proficient at drawing, painting and in art, craft and design techniques including printmaking, textiles and 3D modelling. They learn how to evaluate and analyse creative works using artistic language, they learn about relevant artists, crafts makers and designers and begin to understand how art, craft and design both reflect and shape our history.


Please see attached documents: class LTPs

artwork and displays

Please see the photo gallery IN THIS SECTION for more examples of pupils' artwork.

Christmas Windows 2021