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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Links for Parents

1. Outdoor Activities

Keep your kids occupied with some fun and easy-to-supervise activities and games; each suggestion requires little or no expense and categories include natural science, gardening and group play. 'Chart the Rain' can be saved for those rainy days and the 'Animal Footprint' exercise could spark the interest of your junior naturalist.

2. Botham Bakery's Guide To Bread

This famous traditional Yorkshire bakery divulge old family secrets as they teach children how to make bread, cakes and other goodies. Find out why flour is bleached and whether brown is really better. Children can learn basic bread history, from its humble seed origins to going through the mill.

3. Brain Teasers

This entertaining website allows kids and parents alike to polish their logic skills. Three new puzzles, aimed at different age groups, are published each Wednesday.

4. British Agency for Adoption and Fostering

The BAAF is Britain's leading agency for adoption and fostering. Its web site is a good starting point for families looking to investigate either possibility. It has to be said that the site is neither lively nor interactive as visitors are unable to ask questions, send emails or join forums. Still, there's useful general information.

5. BUPA Children's Health

Masses of information about children's health.

6. BUPA Factsheets

One of the most comprehensive collections of online Mosby factsheets covering all aspects of health.

7. BUPA Health Service Search

Find a hospital, dentist, health club, or any health related organaisation

8. Department of Health

9. Educational Establishments List

This section lists all UK public sector bodies associated with education.

10. NHS Online

The National Health Service's online health portal.


12. The Guardian Education Section

13. The Times Education Section