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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Scratch Programming

These tasks requires the use of a website created by MIT and is a fun way to learn code.  Happy Scratching.

Scratch Website link. This is where you can find the webbased software.

Here are some links to Youtube - How to Scratch videos

Good basic introduction to Scratch - LINK:  Basic - first creating - story

Very good basic introduction to Scratch - LINK: Basic introduction to Scratch

Basic to intermediate level - Part 1 - platform gaming LINK:- Basic to intermediate level - Getting Sprite moving

Intermediate level - Part 2 - adding the platforms -LINK: Intermediate level - Getting Sprite jumping on platforms

Intermediate level - Part 3 - next levels and collecting crystals LINK: Intermediate - levels and collectables

Intermediate and advanced level - Part 4 - score keeping - LINK: Intermediate/advanced level - Score keeping

This link starts off basic, but quickly moves on to advanced features. LINK: How to Scratch - Basic to very advanced