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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Story Time

Aaron Shepherd's Storybook
A nice site containing a collection of international folktales as well as original stories by Aaron Shepherd, many written for more than one narrator. Beneath the plain design is advice on becoming a better storyteller and tales ranging from the 'Harvest that Never Came' to the 'Legend of Lightning Harry'.

Children's Reading Room
Part of the Museum of Unnatural Mystery, this reading room has stories for 3 to 9-year-olds. The hero of the stories is Bunny, who enjoys watching scary movies and his best friend Penguin. See how Bunny outwits Sharky, the bully of the toy room and follow his adventures with the Pirates. All the stories can be printed to read offline.

Children's Storybooks Online
More than 15 illustrated stories to read online. There are fairy tales, parables and lots of animal stories for older or younger children. Very young children can learn the alphabet or animal noises with these bright online books.

From Andy Capp and Popeye to the Tumbleweeds and Zits - more than 60 cartoon favourites are featured here. Each has a sample selection, plus details about the characters and the creators.
From Marmaduke to Snoopy to Dilbert, there are over 25 comic strips to browse through. If you have a favourite, dip into its archives or put a direct-link icon on your desktop to see the daily cartoon. You can send your comments, by email, direct to the cartoonist.