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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

TV & Film

1. Aardman Animations

What's Wallace's favourite drink? Open Gromit's Photo Album for pictures from A Close Shave, A Grand Day Out or The Wrong Trousers. See the storyboard for the Great Train Chase on "Feathers" McGraw's Home page. Find out what clay is used in the model making and take a virtual tour of the Aardman Studios.

2. Batman - The Animated Series

Learn more about the background stories of all your favourite villains and good guys. Each biography has stills from the series, lists when the character first appeared in print and which cartoon episodes they starred in. There are complete episode listings as well as an excellent sound and video library.

3. Batman and Robin

Take a trip to Gotham City and find out all about Batman, Robin, Mr. Freeze, Batgirl and Poison Ivy. Click on their vehicle and choose your destination. Find out how their costumes were developed and see shots from the film. There are games to play and QuickTime movies allow you to visit Mr. Freeze's Lair or Poison Ivy's lab.

4. Blue Peter

Blue Peter’s impressive website boasts an archive of cooks and things ot make, as well as clips and features from past shows. Not only is every presenter profiled, but the programme’s vast array of pets are featured too.

5. Cartoon Network - Europe

Scooby Doo or Fred Flintsone; if your favourite cartoon character is in The Toon Files, get to know them further. This site lets you print off their mugshots and hear them speak. Play against others online in the Great Toon Challenge or download more games to play later.

6. Disney A-Z

From Pocahontas to Simba, explore the stories of your favourite Disney heroes and heroines on this A-Z. A fun archive full of facts and pictures.

7. Disney Channel

Everything about your favourite Disney Channel shows is here; from Sabrina slang to Pepper Ann profiles. Visit the Live Studio to see presenters and a gallery of children's artwork, or find out all about Walt Disney and go behind the scenes of his films in The Wonderful World of Disney. There are tons of games and downloads

8. Disney UK

Mickey and the gang have loads of fun stuff on their website. Take a peak behind the scenes at the latest Disney films, read interactive comics and even check-out the Explorers’ Diary from exciting places around the world.