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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

The Zoo

1. Children's Butterfly Site

You'll find butterfly information and activities for children. There are colouring pages to download and a large FAQ section with detailed explanations and pictures. The life cycle of these beautiful creatures is explained with the help of online illustrations. You can see photos in the gallery or visit other butterfly sites from the links page and even learn how to raise a caterpillar of your own!

2. Earth Dog

Read Earth Dog's story and help him save the world. Join the free Earth Dog club and start protecting the environment. There are letters you can print off and send to friends and games to play. Read the articles on renewable energy sources, and find out how wind power, solar energy and hydro-power work. Find out what kids from around the world are concerned about, and why not send in your point of view?

3. Electronic Zoo

Click on the 'Animals' button and you can see your favourite animals from the comfort of your own chair. With excellent photography and some sound bytes, there are links to exotic, pet and fantasy animals. You can go on a virtual duck hunt or see armadillos online! There are also sites for birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

4. Frogland

Find out loads of fun frog facts on this site dedicated to those amphibian creatures. If you are planning to keep them as pets, read the handy hints in Pet Info and learn how to look after them at the Frog Doctor. You can download desktop icons and screen savers and learn how to say frog (or toad) in all sorts of languages. Don't miss out on the frog jokes.

5. House Rabbit Society

With a definite 'ahh' factor, this is the place to learn all about pet rabbits. You can find out how to care for your rabbit, with health, diet, behaviour and plenty more information. There's a good FAQ page and details of common bunny medical problems. Visit the 'Pictures and Fun' section for photos, illustrations and stories and try out the 'Just for Kids' page.

6. Katerpillars and Mystery Bugs

If you love insects, then you will love this site from the University of Kentucky Department of Entomology. Read the lifestyles of the Beautiful and the Bizarre and learn how to make a butterfly garden or find out which insects are around during the year. There are interesting activities to do in Bug Fun: make a paper mache insect.

7. Kids Planet

Investigate the natural habitat of planet Earth in this colourful wildlife resource. Learn about wild animals on every continent with fun factsheets covering a diverse range of species. Interactive puzzles and sound games will test your animal know-how.

8. Science Bytes

Find out about the aerodynamics of a dragonfly, or discover what can be done to keep animals entertained in captivity. Aimed at children and teachers, this site presents facts in an easily-accessible and entertaining way.