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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Web Links

Konflux Theatre - Idle C.E. (A) Primary School promotional video.
Check out our Year 6 promotional video - it's great fun!!

2. Electronic Zoo

An online zoo. Click the 'Animals' button to see your favourite animals from the comfort of your own chair. With excellent photography and some sound bytes, there are links to exotic, pet and fantasy animals.

3. Kids Planet sheets/map.html

Investigate the natural habitat of planet Earth in this colourful wildlife resource. Learn about wild animals on every continent with fun fact sheets covering a wide range of species.

4. ReekoScience

Do cats have belly-buttons? Make a volcano in your kitchen. Filled with tons of mad-scientist-type experiments.

5. Seaworld

Find out fun facts and discover the scientific classifications of many of the world's animals. Watch the penguins live with PenguinCam, or learn about animal rescue and rehabilitation.

6. The Beano

What children's listing would be complete without the Beano

7. The Piano Education Page

An interesting page on learning to play the piano. Includes some very useful links and background music