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TikTok App - Parents/Carers - Do You Know?

TikTok App - What parents/carers need to know -

Age restriction 12+

Depending on which online store downloaded from – suggests if under 18, supervision of a parent or legal guardian required.

What you need to know:

Mature content – most of the videos are light-hearted, but there has been reports of explicit content such as drugs and alcohol abuse, self-harm and sexual content.

Inappropriate music lyrics – some of the music videos have explicit or suggestive lyrics.  Children may start to imitate this.

Online predators – This app makes it easy to connect with other users – predators are prone to use this app due to the volume of young users.  The default settings for this app are that any user can comment and its setting is public.

In-app purchases – There is an option to purchase TikTok coins in this app. This setting can be disabled in the iOS version but not a feature in Android version.

You may wish to help your child by showing them how to use privacy settings, enable restricted mode, know how to report and block inappropriate content and in the digital wellbeing section, manage screen time settings.

Please note the school covers online safety in depth with every year group.  Children do not have access to this type of app within our school.

For more information please see links to online safety websites.