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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10


Welcome to Mr Hussain's class.

Our class – 5H – is full of children who are: funny, smart, nice, kind, caring, VERY unique, energetic, talented, creative, and very sporty! These qualities make us special, and they are why we love our class so much. We also take pride in the fact that our class, 5H, is very inclusive. We make sure nobody is ever left out, whether it is in the classroom or on the playground.

There are many things we love about our school. We love that our school is a number school. The maths we’re going to learn in year 5 seems challenging, yet interesting!

There are so many activities in year 5 we cannot wait for. We love how our school takes us on some fun trips and how there are so many activities we will get to take part in in year 5, as part of helping us learn more. For example, we’re all really excited about eventually getting to visit Leeds City Museum, as part of our class project on Ancient Greece.

We’re all really excited about swimming! Quite a few of us don’t yet know how to swim, so learning will be great fun. We love the fact that we get to learn how to play the cornet in year 5 – and take the instrument home to practise, too! We cannot wait to go on our residential trip to Buckden House, later in year 5. Both ghyll scrambling and caving sound terrifying and fun. We love our school for giving us these opportunities to learn new things.


Reflecting on Spring

What fun we’ve had this spring term! While reflecting on this time together as a class, we realised just how much we’ve learnt, and how far we’ve come, in such a short space of time. We’ve put together some of our favourite moments this term.



“I loved learning about mummification and writing our own set of instructions on how to do it because it was so interesting. For example, they removed organs and put them in canopic jars for the afterlife. It’s gross but so interesting!” Oliver, 5H