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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Active Responsible Citizens


At Idle Church of England Primary, we pride ourselves on supporting all children to become Active Responsible Citizens.

Our curriculum is thematic to support learners to understand themselves, others and the community.

Every year group has a theme and affirmation to build up their self-affirmations which support their holistic view of themselves and supports their understanding of the community. Each year builds upon itself to provide meaningful experiences which support children how to be an Active Responsible Citizen.

Take a look how our ARC develops through each year group.




Tiny Voices, Big Hearts

I am amazing. You are too. We are a team.







Year 1

Little People, Big Dreams

I am unique. You are too. We can be anything.


Year 2

World Changers

I am important. You are too. We can change the world.


Year 3

Small Person, Big Impact

I have a voice. You do too. We can speak up.



Encouraging (Develop)


Year 4

Change Makers

I am courageous. You are too. We can make a difference.


Year 5

Young Leaders

I am responsible. You are too. Together we can lead.






Year 6

Discovering Me

I am influential. You are too. Together we create our community.



















There are many things which happen within each year group and whole school to support the continual reflection of ARC within everyday class. Below are some examples of how we are building our future citizens.


Blue for loos

As part of our Fairtrade fortnight, on the 17th March 2023 we dressed in blue to raise awareness and money so less fortunate children can have access to a safe loo, clean water and hygiene education. Take a look at our collaborative school photo to share our blue day!

Did you know that over 700 children under 5 die every day from diarrhoea linked to unsafe water sanitation and poor hygiene!

As a school we raised a total of £289.96! The money raised paid for a toilet block for another school in a developing country. Miss Gravestock and the Eco team collectively joined to vote for which country they wanted to fund a school toilet block for. It was decided that Idle Primary would buy a toilet block for a school in Malawi. Thank you to everyone who donated money for this great cause!!

Take a look at the toilet we twinned with in Malawi!











Autumn term 

Year 3

Promoting Fairtrade as part of our Harvest Festival gave the children in Year 3 the opportunity to speak out about an issue they were concerned about. We spent time during PSHE discussing what Fairtrade was and how it makes such a difference to farmers in more disadvantaged countries across the world. Children demonstrated their passion for the subject when they came in with examples of Fairtrade products e.g. bananas with the Fairtrade sticker and chocolate with the Fairtrade label, which they were able to show to parents during their presentation during the Harvest service at church.

'We shared information about Fairtrade because we wanted farmers to get a fair price.' Rayne 3M

'It felt good to be helping farmers and sharing information to help them in their lives.' Ethan 3M



Year 5

In Year 5, we learnt about leaders and inspirational people. We have also been learning how to write instructions. We then used our own expertise to write our own set of instructions about our chosen subjects, encouraging the children to become young leaders.  These sets of instructions have been compiled into a ‘How to do everything’ book. This book has been shared to support others to learn how to do lots of different things. If you fancy learning a new skill, check out our book!

Holly - ‘We have been learning about inspirational people and what made them great leaders.’

Theo – ‘We have been learning about different leaders and what they have achieved.’



Spring term 


Reception made their own class book of recommended reads to display at Idle Library. The children took care designing and colouring their favourite book to collaboratively create a class book. Both classes have their book displayed on the shelf within the library. If you’re passing, make sure to pop in and have a look at what our children recommend!

‘My favourite book is snail and the whale and now everyone can see what all our favourite books are and read them.’ – Willow (RG)

‘I went to the library and I showed the special book we made to tell people about our favourite stories.’ – Dominic I (RB)



Year 1

Year 1 made their very own meadow. We created some plant artwork inspired by Kandinsky (see photo evidence). This was interweaved with English, science and art objectives throughout Spring 2 half term. This allowed the children to have a purpose for writing (describing Idle’s Meadow) which is linked to the book “Mia makes a Meadow”. The children visited church for our Easter Service where our meadow has been displayed for the community to enjoy over the holidays.


LJ - "I saw the flowers we made in church. I think it will be nice for people to look."

AV - "I liked cutting the petals for the flowers. We had good teamwork. The children and grown-ups will get to see our Meadow."




Summer term 

King Charles' Coronation Celebrations- 5th May 

Have a look at how Idle school celebrated the moment in history of Charles 3rd being crowned King.

As a school, we dressed in the colours of the flag, red, white and blue, and every year group did something to commemorate the event. Huge thanks to Mrs Sykes who trimmed up the front of our school with bunting and flags to properly mark the occasion. Take a look below to see what we all got up to. 



Reception planted a coronation cherry tree. The children planted it, filled the hole with soil and watered it. The children were very proud of themselves in their efforts of where to place the tree and looking after it. We hope to see the tree grow throughout the years alongside the children in Reception.


Year 1 


Year 2 


Year 3 


Year 4 


Year 5

Some children in Year 5 trimmed up the front of our school with the help of Mrs Sykes, ready for the Coronation. Mrs Sykes brought her flags and bunting to make sure the front of our school was ready to mark the occasion. The children planted some beautiful plants in planters at the front of the school to welcome any visitors to our school.



Year 6 





The children in reception hosted a picnic for their parents as part of their topic ‘Bears’. The children showcased their work from the year with an opportunity for parents to see the amazing things they had been up to. The children showed lots of joy when eating with their friends and family and enjoyed the last week in reception!

“I really liked showing my mum my work in my book, she was so happy.” – Chloe. P

“I liked having food with my family and then playing with everyone.” – Isaac

“My dad loved my book and all my hard work.” - Hari


Year 1 

In Year 1 we have been learning how to look after plants and decided to make our school environment prettier by planting sunflowers around the school grounds for everyone to appreciate. This has worked really well for us in Year 1 as it has so many links to our other subjects.

"We wanted to make our school look nice for when people come to look. We planted sunflower seeds in the soil, then they grew tall. We had to water them because they could grow bigger." RS 1AB

"Our community can see them as they grow. I hope they have big flowers which will make people feel happy." SN 1CB


Year 3 

The children grew some flowers in their science lessons, observing how to care for and grow flowers. After their topic, the children came up with the idea of giving them, so other people could appreciate their beauty. The children wrapped up the plants, put labels on them and a few pupils from each class delivered them to residents in Boothroyd drive to spread a little act of kindness.

“It was great to visit our neighbours” - Thomas

“We were spreading love to our neighbours” – Elouise

“Everyone was pleased to receive them” - Matilda


Year 4 

We raised money for the Sea life Trust by donating money to contribute towards making a big piece of artwork. We made a big turtle out of milk bottle tops and submitted this to a competition with the Sea life Trust! As part of our global community work, we wrote about how to save our planet. Some of us wrote about global warming, littering, plastic pollution and deforestation. We made posters to make people aware of the work that the Sea life Trust does and to talk about the importance of looking after our oceans.

I really enjoyed learning about the oceans and how to protect them. - Ella H

I enjoyed meeting new people in our linking class. - Louis

I liked getting out of my comfort zone and doing something to make a difference. - Evie



Autumn 2023

Year 3

Year 3 was raising awareness of homelessness by understanding the challenges they may have to face whilst living on the streets. They built a tent to see the struggle to build a shelter.

They also designed a quiz to raise money for a homeless shelter and to give a little something to those who help people who live on the street. 

We tested our skills by building a tent and then take it down to see how hard it was. We had lots of joy with our friends doing the challenge. – Theo

We showed courage to know how hard it was, but then also help others if they are struggling. – Theo

We showed joy when doing activities with our friends. -Nancy



Year 6 

After the success of last year's dragon eye café, year 6 decided to do this again. Year 6 baked and got donations to sell cupcakes to raise money for their adventure week later on in the year. This money facilitated activities to happen last year that would not have been possible without it. This included activities at Yeadon Tarn following the week of SAT's. 

We were spreading love because people made nice things and everyone else was enjoying them. – Theo

It was a really joyful event to make things with family like at home when you’re baking with them. We invited people, including my grandma, and it was spreading love with everyone’s family there. – Eden

Some people showed courage because they had to give the buns and talk to other people, and it can be scary to do that. - Eden