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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Clubs & Activities

Idle C.E. (A.) Primary School provides many extra-curricular clubs, both at lunchtime and after school, promoting excellence and enjoyment. 

Some clubs are only available to specific year groups.

Here is a summary:

Art Club


Ball Wall Champs

Basketball  s/out

Board Games Club

Brass cont lessons

Chess club

Cornet lessons


Cross Country/Circuit


Eco-club (each half term)

Eco-garden club (Sum)

Ensemble Club

Forest  Schools (Sp2 on)

Guitar lessons

Homework club

Hoola Hoops

I-pad club (Aut1 – Spr 1)


Keyboard lessons

KS1 football

KS1 Gym

KS1 ICT club

KS2 Dance

KS2 ICT Club

Lego & Construction

Library time

Little Cherries

LKS2 Football

LKS2 Gym


Prayer Spaces / Comfy club / Fair trade

School Council

Singing lessons (choir)

Skipping Club


Table tennis club

Tag Rugby (Aut & Spr)


UKS2 Football

UKS2 Gym

Ukulele club