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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

EYFS Home Learning

Hello parents! We have put together some ideas and links to websites that might be helpful when learning at home.
We have attached the Early Learning Goals so you know the objectives children are working towards by the end of EYFS.

Please keep helping your children to read and write the phonemes introduced at school. These will have been sent home in your child’s phoneme book. Once your child is confident at recognising these phonemes then they can begin to sound talk and blend words. Phonics Play is a brilliant website for fun games to promote reading. Please select Phase 2 games first before moving onto Phase 3. We particularly enjoy the ‘Pick a Picture’ game in class! Practising tricky words will help your child when they read books too. In school we like listening to the ‘Tricky Words’ song on YouTube. Warning: it is catchy!!

Please keep helping your child to recognise and count numbers to 20 and beyond. They can practise knowing what is one more and one less than numbers up to 20. This could be done practically at first with any objects you have at home, for the child to eventually know it without help. Children in EYFS learn to recognise shapes and their properties. You could spot 3D shapes at home (e.g. a cereal box looks like a cuboid).

Here are some links to some maths games your children might enjoy!

Feel free to contact us on Class Dojo if you have any questions, need help or would like to share your child’s work.
From Mrs Thompson and Mrs Horton