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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10


Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. At Idle C.E. (A) Primary School, we provide a high quality music education that engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. From singing and playing instruments in worship time to the use of songs in maths, music is a fundamental part of the curriculum. Children also enjoy specific teaching time for music where they are introduced to different instruments, musicians and genres. One of the greatest gifts a child can have is the ability to perform or play a musical instrument. We provide all pupils across the school with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or join one of our performance clubs. From Year 2, each year group focuses on learning a different musical instrument, such as keyboards, recorders and cornets. This is a fantastic chance for our pupils to experience musical instruments and develop their talents. These lessons are reinforced by the option of small group instrument lessons such as in guitar, drums and the ukulele.

To find out more information about music in schools, as well as resources that can be used at home, please visit Bradford Music Online Link

Please see photo gallery of a selection of music activities under IN THIS SECTION