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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Spring Term 2024

Spring Term 2

Week 1

This week, as part of history, we have been learning all about cars from the past.  We realised that cars have not always been the same and have changed a lot throughout history.  We found out that the first car was made by Mr Benz in Germany. We looked at lots of photographs of old cars, including the Mini and an old Volkswagen Beetle. 

We also found out about the Jowett brothers who made cars in a factory in Idle.  We looked at photographs of their cars and the factory where they were made. 

Later, we made a timeline to show and describe how cars have changed.

Spring Term 1


Week 1

Pupils in Year One were very excited to celebrate the beginning of 2024!

Together we enjoyed learning about the celebrations that took place in the UK and around the world.  We were very excited to watch a video of the firework display held in London and share the joy which the start of a new year can bring!  In English, we have been busy writing poems all about the fireworks.


Week 2 

This week we started our new book, On Sudden Hill.  Before reading the book, we spoke about things we could see on the front cover and made some predictions about the story.  Some of our predictions even turned out to be correct!

"The boys are playing with those boxes... maybe they will hide inside."

"The children could make something to play with."

In Maths, we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes.  We enjoyed looking at different shapes and describing them with our friends.  

Week 3 

This week we have been very busy working on our geography and fieldwork skills! We began the week thinking about the different features of Idle village, discussing if they are human or physical features before sorting them into a Venn diagram.  We then used Google Earth and maps to locate the UK, its four countries, our city of Bradford and our village of Idle.  We then used a map of Idle to locate places of interest and plan a walk around our village.  We enjoyed following our maps and spotting lots of the places we had discussed!  We even stopped at certain places to look at some historical photos and began to think about how our village has changed. 


Week 4

This week we celebrated our values week.  We thought about what it means to show and share love, joy and courage.  We practised our sewing skills by sewing love hearts and using a running stitch.  For most of us, this was our first ever time sewing! Our hearts will be displayed in the link to share the love with everyone.

Week 5 

This week we enjoyed designing and making box models for our Sudden Hill stories.  We took old, boring cardboard boxes and turned them into models!  We made cars, planes, rockets, castles and so many more exciting things!  Later in the week, we wrote stories about our boxes inspired by On Sudden Hill.  

On Friday we celebrated Number Day.  Year One focused on money and learnt about the value of different coins.  We sorted, ordered and matched coins to their values.  In the afternoon, we practised spending money in our very own Idle Village.  We enjoyed shopping in our own version of Aldi and our very own Idle fish and chip shop! 


Week 6

This week we have been learning about and celebrating Children's Mental Health Week.  We had a visit from Shocka, a UK rapper and mental health advocate.  He helped us understand what is meant by 'mental health' and thought about the things that help us feel happy.  We drew pictures of these things and began to write our own songs.  Lots of us showed courage when we shared our pictures and songs in front of others.