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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Spring Term 2024

This spring term, we finally completed our swimming sessions, with all of us earning our swimming certificates. We’ve learnt so much, and have grown so much in confidence, showing courage when pushing ourselves further each week and with each challenge in the water.

“We enjoyed the last day of swimming because we got to have some fun and go down the slide.” Eliza Hudson

“Achieving my survival swim test and earning lots of certificates made me feel proud because it was actually quite hard! Treading in water for two minutes straight – without touching the sides – was tiring. We had to have clothes on too!” Noah Neilson

“I enjoyed when we were jumping in and diving because it was challenging!” Annabel Drake


Project has been very fun too. We've been conducting scientific experiments related to forces.

“I enjoyed when were doing experiments. We were testing water resistance by putting dough in different shapes and timing how long it would take to drop to the bottom of the beakers. I liked timing and dropping it in.” Oliver Housam

“We did a fun science experiments, such as measuring cars going down different ramps with different materials.” Eshaal Memon

“I liked learning about how far it took to get to Egypt in geography and how to get there too. I just love learning!” Macy Thornton


As part of our whole school focus on women in science, we had a show by STEM In A Box about the life and legacy of Jane Goodall. Her love and joy for the natural world and the courage she has shown in standing up to injustices has been truly inspiring.

“I liked when people came in to act out Jane Goodall’s life because it was a really good act and I learnt a lot about her. She did a lot for animals in Africa.” Toby Reynolds

“ I loved making our posters for our wall about Jane Goodall because I liked decorating and finding things out about her. She discovered interesting things about chimpaneez and even gave them names!” Megan Sanasy