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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Spring Term 2024

Welcome to our Sping Term!

Children in 5M have been immersed in the history of Ancient Egypt this term. Our class novel, Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll, was the perfect fit for our project on the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

A discovery from ancient Egypt...
A cursed package...
The story of a young pharaoh...

"It is a book that has loads of twists and turns that takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions." Poppy

"This book is amazing! It's a must get if you like Ancient Egypt!" Declan


We started our Power and Responsibility project with a look at the geography of Egypt, population density and reasons people live close to the River Nile.

Moving on to our history part of the project, we began by using different resources including non-fiction books, ipads and artefacts to find out information about Ancient Egypt and Howard Carter’s discovery.


In English, our writing projects have included writing a diary entry as Howard Carter opening the tomb of Tutankhamun for the first time and instructions on how to mummify a body. We also used our class novel, Secrets of a Sun King, to inspire our writing including a description of what was in the box Lil found in the first chapter and an alternative ending to Lysandra’s account of Tutankhamun’s death.

School Trip

We loved our trip to Leeds City Museum to see the Ancient Egyptian artefacts and a real life mummified body. The animals downstairs were fascinating and we found out lots about our project for next term Ancient Greeks.



Our School Values

Early in the term, we celebrated our school values day – Love, Joy and Courage. During the day, we thought about what the values mean to us and created bunting using our sewing skills to represent Love, Courage and Joy.


Hand To Mouth joined us to share some Godly Play.



This term we have also been learning how to be good leaders. Last term, we had training to teach us how to be Playleaders. We have been putting what we learned into practise, taking it in turns to lead KS1 children in play every lunchtime.


Archbishops' Young Leaders Award

We also started working towards achieving the Young Leaders Award, taking part in various activities including teamwork in the Cup Challenge, putting our trust in each other in the Blindfold Challenge and researching inspirational people.



Para Athlete Challenge  

Para Athlete Sean Gaffney came to visit our school and led a sponsored fitness circuit with pupils from across the school, then delivered an inspirational assembly. The aim of the event was to inspire us all to be more physically active and to encourage children to discover and pursue their passions in life.

We raised lots of money to improve physical activity in school.


Our class also started swimming lessons this term at Eccleshill Pool.

"Swimming is my favourite lesson because even though I know how to swim, I can learn different ways to swim and try to complete my personal survival." Amber