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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Summer Term 2024

Summer 1

Week 1

This week we started our new book, Handa’s Surprise.  We spoke about the front cover and made some predictions before reading the story.  In provision, we enjoyed making stick puppets and reading the book to each other.  

"I love the book because there’s a monkey in it and I love monkeys." MN

"I like the part when the animals steal the fruit because it's funny!"  RW

In RE, we have been learning about the Islamic celebration of Eid.  We made pictures and decorated cards to give to our friends who were celebrating. 

We have also started our new computing unit and we are learning to programme robots.  This week we learnt our directions, left, right, forward and backwards and even got to dance to the Cha Cha Slide! We are looking forward to programming the robots next week. 


Week 2 

This week, we have been learning about different fruits and vegetables.  We sorted them into groups before discussing which fruits we already enjoy and others we might like to try.   In DT, we designed some healthy fruit snacks which we will be making next week!

In Computing, we have been practising using directions and positional language ready to programme Bee-Bots.  It was very exciting and we had lots of fun using them!

As part of our Science, we also went for a seasonal stroll.  We walked around our school grounds looking for signs of spring.  We observed some seasonal changes and noticed that many of the trees are now beginning to grow buds. 



Week 3

We've had lots of fun this week making fruit kebabs and smoothies using some of the fruits from Handa’s basket.  We used our designs and practised our preparation skills by peeling, chopping and slicing different fruits.  We tried lots of different fruits and our kebabs were really tasty! 

Later in the week we began to write our recipes.  We wrote a list of ingredients, a list of equipment and a method.   We used time conjunctions to order the instructions in our method. 

In computing, we enjoyed using maps to programme BeeBots to move forwards and backwards between two places. 

We also enjoyed taking part in some orienteering activities this week as part of PE.  Going on a scavenger hunt brought us lots of joy!

Week 4

This week, Year 1 have been learning how to count in 2s and 10s.  We have been listening to different counting songs and working practically to show how we can count in different amounts.  We enjoyed working outside and creating arrays to show how to count in multiples of 2! 

We also enjoyed some orienteering this week and managed to find North, East, South and West on the playground and our school field.   Hiding pictures, then using compass points and directions to help our partners find them was lots of fun! 

Week 5

Year 1 made the most of the sunshine this week with some outdoor learning in Maths!  We are continuing to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, but have also been busy recognising and making equal and unequal groups.  

We used dice to help us recognise equal and unequal groups before heading out onto the playground to make some! 


In Geography, we have been exploring maps and learning the names of the continents.  We enjoyed singing the continents song and learning some facts about each one.