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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Summer Term 2024

In Summer term we -

In Maths we are learning about Measurements, Capacity and Volume. In English we are continuing to practice our handwriting everyday and we are reading and writing about The Wild Robot. In Project we are learning about Forces and In RE we are learning about the story of Noah.

Week 2 - 

This week we explored how to format and punctuate direct speech. In Maths we continued to explore measuring using litres and millilitres. 

In Project we did an experiment to measure friction against objects.


Abi - I have enjoyed English because I love practising my handwriting. 

Svelini - I love maths because I love figuring out volume and capacity. 

Thea - I have enjoyed doing our reading tests because its nice and challenging. 

Ngairi - I enjoyed reading The Wild Robot.

Louie - I liked Maths because even though it's challenging I kept pushing through. 

Harper - I enjoyed reading and answering the questions. 

Poppy - I enjoyed the reading test because it showed me new things. 

Freya - I enjoyed practising my handwriting. 

Archie - I enjoyed Maths because I find I learn the new ideas well. 

Autumn - I enjoyed reading because its fun. 

Brody - I enjoy being in 3E because I like being with my friends.