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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Summer Term 2024

**Summer 1**


As we head into the Summer Term we are focusing our learning on growing and changing.

To begin this new topic we read the story of Oliver’s Vegetables and have done some work on sequencing the story.

We have planted tomato slices and are hoping that the seeds in them will begin to grow into new tomato plants. To take care of our tomato plants we have been using pipettes to water them and this has made our fingers super strong too.


In Week Two we looked at the work of artists Yayoi Kusama and Giuseppe Arcimboldo and have been inspired by their work to create our own paintings of fruits and vegetables!

Continuing our vegetable theme into Week Three we decided to be like Oliver (from the story Oliver’s Vegetables) and try some vegetables. Although we didn’t dig ours up from the garden, we did help prepare them by cutting broccoli and spinach and podding peas. Miss Shaw and Mrs Thornton cooked and blended the soup so that we could all try it. Everybody had at least a taste, and some people even had a second bowlful. The adults in Reception were really impressed with everyone’s courage at trying something new.



During Week Four we focused on plant life cycles, using our growing tomato plants as a reference point to talk about what had happened so far. We did some sorting of living and non-living things and considered what plants need to grow and how we can care for them. Using pipettes to water our tomato plants has helped us to give them the right amount of water, and as a bonus it has made our fingers super strong too!